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Jaegercon Giveaway!

Happy K-Day!

So, this is my second ever giveaway and I’m excited!
Since I work at the movies, I got my friend Shaun the Poster Master to find me some of the free posters we were giving out.
Every Jaegercon person/Pacific Rim lover definitely needs some kind of visual representation of love for the movie so I thought I’d help.

What I am giving away:

  • 3 Pacific Rim 12xbigger than 12” posters of Gipsy Danger beating up a Kaiju.
I will ship anywhere.

Rules and Info

  • One reblog and one like per person
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re following me
  • Please have your ask open so I can notify you if you win
  • Be willing to give me your address.
  • Giveaway starts Saturday, August 10th and will run until Monday, August 12th
  • I will randomly select three winners at 1159PM on Monday, and will announce them on Tuesday

I will also have two other of these posters on me at the West Palm Beach meet up for the first two to arrive.

Well that’s everything, if you have any questions feel free to send me an ask.
Tumblr the apocalypse, everyone!!!

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